term (bābājī), name (Bābājī)
a term of respect which is given loosly (frequently improperly), to sādhus and Vaiṣṇavas, particularly those who have given up all connection with household life. In the setting of Jaiva-dharma, this term specifically refers to the Vaiṣṇava followers of Śrīman Mahāprabhu, who have given up all the duties and designations of varṇāśrama society and who engage almost exclusively in chanting harināma. Actual bābājīs live as strict renunciates, they do not accept the external garb of sannyāsīs because sannyāsa is part of varṇāśrama. They do not wear the sacred thread of the brāhmaṇas because they have entered into bhāvāvasthā and are engaged in rāga-mārga. Such characteristics are to be accepted only by those on the highest platform of eligibility, who retire from the world to immerse themselves in private bhajana

✍ such a person accepts the dress of a sannyāsī or bābājī

✍ he was captivated by Bābājī’s state ✍ Śrīla Gaurakiśora dāsa Bābājī ✍ Bābājī Mahārāja

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